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Chief Executive's Department
Michael Eakin Chief Executive
Andrew Choyce HR Manager
Rebecca Carolan Executive Assistant

Board of Management

Prof. Nigel Weatherill FREng - Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive of Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU)
Jon Corner - CEO of The Landing MediaCity UK and Chairman of the RiverMotion Group
Michael Eakin - Chief Executive, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic
Dr. Tony Harvey FRSA - Solicitor and legal academic specialising in Corporate Governance and Professional Responsibility and Ethics
Dave Nicholls - Partner, Mazars
Mel Grodner - Founder, Atmore Properties
Vanessa Reed - Chief Executive, PRS for Music Foundation
Martin Richardson - First Violins, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
Alexander Holladay - Cellist, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
Councillor Wendy Simon - Cabinet Member for Culture & Tourism, Liverpool City Council

Finance and IT
Stephan Heaton Executive Director (Finance)
Ashley Harding Systems Administrator
Deborah Dunning Group Accountant
Joy Riley Assistant Accountant
Pauline Grice Assistant Accountant
Emma Pierpoint Purchase Ledger Clerk

Artistic Direction
Sandra Parr † Artistic Planning Director (Orchestra and Ensembles)
Andrew Cornall Artistic Director (Consultant)
Richard Haswell Head of Programme (Hall and Events)
Rosemary Barton Artistic Planning Assistant
Moira Hall Events Administrator
Sian Waller Special Projects Planner

Performance and Learning
Peter Garden Executive Director (Performance and Learning)
Julian Munro Orchestra Manager
Alexandra Swift Deputy Orchestra Manager
Jessica Riches Orchestra Coordinator
Ian Doran † Platform Manager
Alan Scollins Assistant Platform Manager
Hannah Bellamy Librarian
Chris Tann Assistant Librarian
Celia Makin-Bell Head of Learning
Vicki Ciaputa Youth Ensembles Manager
Rhian Cocker Learning & Ensembles Coordinator
Nicola Hopson Learning & Events Coordinator
Rosie Kenneally Learning Projects Coordinator
Simon Emery Artistic Director, Youth Ensembles

In Harmony Liverpool
Rod Skipp In Harmony Liverpool Artistic Director
Alexandra Dunn In Harmony Liverpool Deputy Artistic Director
Eve Harrison In Harmony Liverpool Lead Musician
Mary Bowell In Harmony Liverpool Musician
Ben Cashell In Harmony Liverpool Musician
Laura McKinlay In Harmony Liverpool Lead Musician
Sally Anne Anderson In Harmony Liverpool Lead Musician
Merlyn Sturt In Harmony Liverpool Musician
Carolyn Yates In Harmony Liverpool Musician
Zoë Armfield In Harmony Liverpool Manager
Rosie Eade In Harmony Liverpool Coordinator
Jonathan Hering In Harmony Liverpool Assistant
Mathew Colfar In Harmony Liverpool Intern

Gail Wroth Head of Production
Emma Carey Production Technician
Phil Higgins Production Technician
Ian McCreadie Production Technician
Michael Woods Production Technician
Stacy Armstrong Technical Staff
William Bower Technical Staff
Benjamin Braviner Technical Staff
Findlay Claydon Technical Staff
Anthony Cowley Technical Staff
Matthew Fairrie Technical Staff
Alex Gardner Technical Staff
Philip Glenny Technical Staff
Nathan Harrison Technical Staff
Alex Hewitt Technical Staff
Aidan Mornington-Abrathan Technical Staff
Adam Murdoch Technical Staff
Robert Oatley Technical Staff
Simon Patterson Technical Staff
William Shacklady Technical Staff
Gavin Sharpe Technical Staff
Jason Stickland Technical Staff
Will Sutcliffe Technical Staff

Audiences and Development
Millicent Jones Executive Director (Audiences and Development)
Jayne Garrity Head of Communications
James Hanks Marketing Manager (Liverpool Philharmonic Hall & Events)
Chris Bennett-Hulme Marketing Officer
Lily Hagan Marketing Assistant
Ian Stephens Programme Editor (Consultant)
Paul Leach Volunteer

Leap into Live Music!
Elizabeth Heague Leap into Live Music Coordinator

Charlie Taylor Head of Corporate and Individual Giving
Austin Wilde Fundraising Manager
Gemma Lynch Individual Giving Manager
Katharine Easterby Development Assistant
Zoë Thirsk Corporate Partnerships Manager

Ben Hedley General Manager Bars
David Cooper Deputy Manager Bars
Geraldine Bennett Bar Person
Bethan Chadwick Bar Person
Olivia Cunningham Bar Person
Craig Davies Bar Person
Vladimir Dimov Bar Person
Joseph Edwards Bar Person
Emelia Furlong Bar Person
Louisa May Harrison Bar Person
Jun Hua Bar Person
Samantha Hunter Bar Supervisor
Raven Maguire Bar Person
Michael Maloney Bar Person
Emmett Meehan Bar Person
James Murphy Bar Person
Isabel Lozano Noriega Bar Person
Kathryn O'Dea Bar Person
Amanda O'Neill Bar Person
Kyle Pang Bar Person
Alix Pressley Bar Person
Jonas Roberts Bar Person
Yingyue Shao Bar Person
Ashleigh Sumner Bar Person
Jonathan Taylor Bar Person
Mark Taylor Bar Person
Daniel Tucker Bar Person
Joseph White Bar Person

Box Office
Ronan McClafferty Box Office Manager
Jamey Wood Deputy Box Office Manager
Karen Hood Box Office Supervisor
Michael Marsden Box Office Supervisor
Alex Beechey Box Office Duty Supervisor
Marianne O’Brien Box Office Assistant
Rachel Tuson Box Office Assistant
Jennifer Vaudrey Box Office Assistant
Lucy Quine Box Office Assistant

Barbara Owens Head of Operations
Steve Bragger Building and Maintenance Manager
Siubhan Macauley Operations Intern
Sophie Almond Event Manager
Ellen McEnaney Event Manager
James Seddon Event Manager - Performance and Hires
Hector Williams Premises Assistant
Dominic Dunn Stage Door Keeper
Adam Mcbride Stage Door Keeper

Tommy Graham Senior Steward
Roger Lloyd Senior Steward
Katherine Masheder Senior Steward
Connor Moore Senior Steward
James Shell Senior Steward
Richard Wilkie-Riley Senior Steward
Michael Aitken Steward
Kimberley Athawes Steward
Stephen Berks Steward
Che Boyle Steward
Kirsty Campbell Steward
John Cotham Steward
Amy Courtenay Steward
Lois Crawford Steward
Dominic Davies Steward
Jonathan Davies Steward
Adele Emmas Steward
Sophia Gee Steward
Susie Harrison Steward/Stage Door Keeper
Hannah Healey Steward/Stage Door Keeper
Hayley Hedges Steward
Chay Heney Steward
Chloe Higgins Steward
Sarah Higgins Steward
Joe Hirons Steward
Esmee Hoek Steward
Tabitha Howe Steward
Jasmin Jago Steward
Chris Jenkins Steward
Peter Johnson Steward
Millie Jones Steward
Ryan Kane Steward
Christopher Keogh Steward
Joseph Kelly Steward
Katherine Kennedy Steward
Stephen Kippen Steward
Siubhan Macauley Steward
Carlos Marfil Steward
Conway McDermott Steward
Phoebe McMillan Steward
Samantha Meese Steward
Jacqueline Middleton Steward
Angela Owen Steward
Jane Richardson Steward/Box Office Assistant
Andrew Roberts Steward
Michael Roberts Steward
Amy Robinson Steward
Carole Rothery Steward
Elizabeth Shaw Steward
Gudrun Stolzenburg Steward
Alex Walker Steward
Leah Wallace Steward
Deborah Williams Steward
Fredrikke Wongraven Steward
Janet Wynne Steward
Alice Young Steward

† denotes Honorary Life Member of the Society

In Harmony Liverpool

Find out more about how we're using orchestral music-making to improve the health, education and aspirations of children and young people in Everton.