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Love Music: In Harmony Liverpool

Love Music: In Harmony Liverpool

In Harmony Liverpool’s vision is a healthier, higher achieving future for North Liverpool. In September 2018, we added another school to the project, expanding In Harmony Liverpool into Anfield and increasing our reach from around 900 children and families a week, to nearly 1,500.

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About In Harmony Liverpool

Launched on 9 March 2009, 84 primary aged children began learning musical instruments, formed the West Everton Children’s Orchestra, and 12 weeks later made their debut performance at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.

Ten years on, In Harmony Liverpool has benefited over 2,000 children and young people aged 0-18, their families and community members across Everton and Anfield.

Drawn from 10 years of longitudinal evaluation since 2009, we know In Harmony Liverpool is making a positive difference to our children and families, and that by working together with schools and community partners we can achieve much more in the next ten years.

The result is that making music, learning a musical instrument, singing, creating, listening and being part of an orchestra that rehearses and performs throughout the community and in venues such as Liverpool Philharmonic Hall is now a normal part of life for Everton’s children.

The life-changing results of In Harmony

The results of In Harmony have been consistently positive. Children become more self-confident, more resilient and more independent. They concentrate more, work effectively as teams, and support one another to achieve their common goals as a community of musicians. Children feel empowered and equipped with the necessary skills and aspiration to succeed in whatever they strive to achieve.

In Harmony not only creates opportunities for young people, but puts them in a position to make active and informed choices about their own future.

"It gives you new opportunities so that you can earn a better living, live a happy life."
Year 5 pupil


Our goal for the future

Since September 2018 we have extended the reach of the project into neighbouring Anfield, an area facing similarly significant socio-economic challenges where nearly half of children live in poverty.

Your support will enable over 1,500 children and their families to make music through In Harmony each year. With your help, we are confident that we can make a positive difference to the lives of children and families in North Liverpool.

"It gives you inspiration. Maybe I will be a musician, maybe not. It doesn’t matter – I have more confidence now to do things that I thought I couldn’t do."
Young Person

 "I have youth and community worked hereabouts since 1971 and this project has been an inspirational success in raising standards and aspirations with children, young people and families."
Community Leader