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You can find details of our musicians here.

Chief Executive's Department
Michael Eakin Chief Executive
Emma Breuilly HR Manager
Tessa Lukkien Executive and HR Assistant

Board of Trustees
Vanessa Bakewell - Global Client Partner, Facebook
Angela Bellingham - Solicitor
Michael Eakin - Chief Executive, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic
Baroness Estelle Morris of Yardley
Dr. Tony Harvey FRSA (Company Secretary) - Solicitor and Company Director
Sameeta Gahir - Piccolo, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
Stephen Gregory - Former Partner, Ernst & Young
Claire Jackson - Chief Finance Officer, Oak Trees Multi-Academy
Bryan Johnson - Head of Artist & Industry Partnerships International, Spotify
Camilla Mankabady – Communications Director, Liverpool City Council
Susanna Poole - First Violins, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
Louise Shepherd CBE - Chief Executive, Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust

Finance and IT
Stephan Heaton Executive Director (Finance)
Bill Woosey Financial Accountant
Michelle Flynn Management Accountant
Carol Hewitt Accounts Assistant
Joanne Stobbart  Accounts Assistant
Louise Quinn Accounts Assistant

Artistic Direction
Sandra Parr † Artistic Planning Director (Orchestra and Ensembles)
Katy Wakeford-Brown Artistic Planning and Digital Programme Manager
Sian Waller Operations and Special Projects Manager 
Jessica Smith Choir Manager
Rosemary Barton Artistic Liaison Officer
Lydia Heyes Artistic Planning Assistant
Adam Webster  Music Librarian 
Cameron McGregor  Music Librarian 

Richard Haswell Head of Programme (Hall and Events)
Miles Etchells Programme Manager
Adam Ghidouche Creative Programming Officer
Moira Hall Hall and Events Administrator
Sophie Dand Events Assistant

Performance and Learning
Peter Garden Executive Director (Performance and Learning)
Julian Munro Orchestra Manager
Alexandra Swift Deputy Orchestra Manager
Ffion Edwards Orchestra Coordinator
Ian Doran † Platform Manager

Zoë Armfield Head of Learning
Jordan Armstrong Youth Company Manager
Nicola Hopson Learning Projects Manager
Bethany Clarke Learning Projects Coordinator
Jonny Heaver Learning Projects Coordinator 
Matt Humphries Learning Projects Coordinator

Sophie Leaver Learning Projects Coordinator
Joe Lyman Learning Projects Coordinator
Kirsty Porter Learning Projects Coordinator
Nikita Richmond Learning Projects Coordinator

In Harmony Liverpool
John Connolly In Harmony Liverpool Artistic Director
Sophie Plumb In Harmony Liverpool Manager
Nadeen Kemp In Harmony Liverpool Manager (Maternity Cover)
Alexandra Dunn In Harmony Liverpool Deputy Artistic Director
Megan Thompson In Harmony Liverpool Lead Musician
Sally Anne Anderson In Harmony Liverpool Lead Musician
Alice Braithwaite In Harmony Liverpool Musician (Maternity Cover) 
Jenny Key In Harmony Liverpool Musician
Jonathan Hering In Harmony Liverpool SEN Teaching Assistant
Ria Nolan In Harmony Liverpool Musician
Stephanie Kearley In Harmony Liverpool Musician

Emma Carey Head of Production and Technical Services
Chris Tann Recording Manager
Ian McCreadie Technical Manager
Rachael Foster Production Technician
Christopher Green Production Technician
Ellen McGovern Production Technician
William Shacklady Production Technician
Aaron Wilson Production Technician

Sam Bailey Technical Staff
Ellie Black Technical Staff
Benjamin Braviner Technical Staff
Mathew Colfar Technical Staff
Anthony Cowley Technical Staff
Patrick Coyle Technical Staff
Anna Culkin Technical Staff
Matthew Fairrie Technical Staff
Scott Formstone Technical Staff
Tin Frleta Technical Staff
Kelsey Fulton Technical Staff
Jake Gore Technical Staff
Jonathan Hamer Technical Staff
Luke Hamilton Technical Staff
Sam Hepworth Technical Staff
Alex Hewitt Technical Staff
Max Holden Technical Staff
Adam Hutton Technical Staff
James Jackson Technical Staff
Per Jakobsen Technical Staff
Ders Kiss Technical Staff
Faye Larty Technical Staff
Kathryn Lea-Wilson Technical Staff
Anthony Leigh Technical Staff
Elizabeth Lumen Technical Staff
Alex Marshall Technical Staff
Owen Martin Technical Staff
Millie McKenzie Technical Staff
Dominic Moreno Technical Staff
Adam Murdoch Technical Staff
Benjamin Riley Technical Staff
Jonah Rogers Technical Staff
Tyla Roxburgh Technical Staff
Kieran Sing Technical Staff
Lloyd Smith Technical Staff
William Sutcliffe Technical Staff
Jessica Thomas Technical Staff
May-Kate Woods Technical Staff
Michael Woods Technical Staff

Audiences and Development
Millicent Jones Executive Director (Audiences and Development)
Isla MacLeod Head of Marketing
Jessica Strawson Head of Communications and External Affairs
Elizabeth Heague Marketing Manager
Mikey McCusker Marketing Manager
Katya Parkes Marketing Editor
Chris Bennett-Hulme Marketing Officer
Abi Collins Marketing Assistant
Lauren McKiernan Graphic Designer

Paul Leach Volunteer

Leap into Live Music!
Elizabeth Heague

Charlie Taylor Head of Philanthropy
Nadia Alsafaar Head of Trust, Foundation and Corporate Giving
Gemma Lynch Individual Giving Manager
Robyn Letman Partnership and Events Officer
Laura Connelly Development Assistant
Thomas Metcalf Grant Writer

Danielle Youds Head of Food and Beverage
Lucy Jones Food and Beverage Manager
Natalie Dando Food and Beverage Duty Manager
Stephanie Roberts Food and Beverage Duty Manager
Rhiannon Wain Food & Beverage Duty Manager
Tim Hughes Food and Beverage Duty Manager

Harry Alexander Bar Person
Chantal Ameh 
Bar Person
Geraldine Bennett Bar Person
Finn Bolger-Paul Bar Person
Margaret Bradley Bar Person
Molly Ellen Clarke Bar Person
Laurence Cotton Bar Person
Chelsea Dew Bar Person
Laura Dow Bar Person
Nanci Farley Bar Person
Leah Gould Bar Person
Rory Gillan Bar Person
Joe Greenwood  Bar Person
Gayane Ghazaryan Bar Person
Meg Howe Bar Person
Natalie Holden Bar Person
Rob Kearley Bar Person
Albi Limani Bar Person
Abby Livingstone Bar Person
Oliver Maddock Bar Person
Will Maiden Bar Person
Billy Malone Bar Person
Michael Maloney Bar Person
Abbey Mulrooney Bar Person
Jack Mather Bar Person
Keaton Marsh Bar Person
Louis Miletic Bar Person
Harrison Nash Bar Person
Amy  O'Rouke Bar Person
James Platt Bar Person
Lydia Potter Bar Person
Andrew Potter-Jones Bar Person
Charlotte Payne Bar Person
Ream Radomes Bar Person
Ben Robinson Bar Person
Sam Roberts Bar Person
Indianna Salinas Bar Person
Ashleigh Sumner Bar Person
Joe Spence Bar Person
Jessica Thomas Bar Person
Isaac hunter Thompson Bar Person
Alfie Vesey Bar Person
Finn Verrecchia Bar Person
Ellie WeaverBar Person

Box Office
Ronan McClafferty Head of Systems
Jamey Wood Box Office Manager
Cal Cairns Assistant Box Office Manager
Alex Beechey Box Office Supervisor
Karen Hood Box Office Supervisor

Zoe Lambrakis Box Office Assistant 
Carol Parr Box Office Assistant
Jane Richardson Box Office Assistant
Lucy Quine Box Office Assistant
Rachel Westhead Box Office Assistant
Fabienne Thornton Box Office Assistant

Steve Bragger Building and Maintenance Manager
Hector Williams Premises Assistant
Peter Johnson Building Maintenance Operative
Chris Ponzini Facilities Management Assistant

Visitor Experience
James Seddon Head of Visitor Experience
Eilidh Browne Visitor Experience Manager
Lisa Buckby Event Manager
Sophie-Rose Dand Event Manager
Nicholas Jones Event Manager
Helen Kerr Event Manager
Connor Moore Event Manager
Helen O’Sullivan Event Manager

Carol Bullen Stage Door Receptionist
Valeria Di Pasquale Stage Door Receptionist
Jackie Morgan Stage Door Receptionist
Rachel Salmon Stage Door Receptionist
Joseph Winder Stage Door Receptionist
Libby Foster  Stage Door Receptionist
Barney Weightman Door Receptionist

Sarah Bell Steward
Abigail Billington Steward
Tom Curtis Steward
Valeria Di Pasquale Steward
Lisa Edmanson Steward
Nett Furley Steward
Eva Gaynor Smith Steward
Leah Gould Steward
Laura Hawes Steward
Halima Jonas Steward
Peter King Steward
Grant Lenton Steward
Jessica Martin Steward
Cameron McGregor Steward
Thomas McIntyre Steward
Adrian Nidd Steward
Angela Owen Steward
Dean Rowlands Steward
Bret Smith Steward
Laura Spallen Steward
Claire Speed Steward
Rebecca Stocks Steward
Nicholas Turner Steward
Jean Watson Steward
Abbie Williams Steward
Aidan Maj Steward
Alex McDowall Steward
Andrea Pekins Steward
Annemarie Youds Steward
Barney Weightman Steward
Chelsea Plaskitt Steward
Daniel McCreanor Steward
Freya Yeldham Steward
Graham Smillie Steward
Hervey Bracken Steward
James Conway Steward
Joseph Winder Steward
Kevin Heffey Steward
Libby Foster Steward
Elizabeth Paes Steward
Nieve Mannion Steward
Spike Fairclough Steward
Jack Birkett Steward
Samantha Hunter Steward
Viktoriia Mona Steward
Ruby Shrimpton Steward
Vincent Peters Steward
Norma Kuambana Steward
Lucy Goulding Steward
John Lippitt Steward
Jane Stenhouse Steward
Del Derrick Steward
Ed Virgo Steward
Helen Croft Steward
Rachael Pirie Steward
Kevin Lloyd Williams Steward
Mohan Welstand-Keryk Steward
Alex Walker Steward
Emma Lewis Steward
Sara McPhail Steward
Adam Pringle Steward


† denotes Honorary Life Member of the Society


Cookies on our website

Liverpool Philharmonic has updated its cookie policy. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This includes cookies from third party social media websites. Such third party cookies may track your use on our website. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies. However, you can change your cookie settings at any time.